ETERNAL INVESTIGATION AND FORENSIC SERVICES LLP is a Mumbai based company working towards excellence in the field of forensics and believes in unbiased investigation through forensically mannered investigative techniques. Our team comes with several years of industry experience and comprises a highly motivated set of expertise.


Insurance Claim Investigation

Insurance is the basic need of almost all the section of society. In every company the visiting or introducing customers are higher but sometime the higher number of customers try to leave the previous insurer. This basic graph of business is completely depends upon the services provided by insurer company e.g Fire, Vehicular Own damage, etc.

Customer always in fond of the exact match with respect to his aids and the duty of insurer is to full fill their aids. The best way they can assure the customer with respect to their terms and at the emergency or disaster, do all the possible efforts for returning the exact value for their loss. Eternal Investigation and Forensic Services is the solution for fulfilling such promises made by insurer with respect to insured.
If we get the overview of the solvency rate of various insurer in the market, there is variation in the performance and this is due to the old methodologies applied for investigation.
“Delayed Justice is of no use” Insured always has a hope that insurer is besides us in every ups and downs of life. We with respect to insured always look for our partner’s best performance by assuring them with respect to our scientifically sound approach towards their challenges.

Questioned Document and Fingerprint

We at Eternal Investigation and Forensic Services provides Handwriting, Signature and Fingerprint Verification Services. We provide two types of opinion;
Legal Opinion under Section 45 IEA.
Personal Opinion: For Personal use only.
Legal opinion provided by us (under Sec. 45 of IEA) is valid in all Indian Courts except States of Jammu and Kashmir. Further, respective experts will appear in the Court of Law upon receiving Summons from the respective Court of Law.
Along with Fingerprint Verification, we provide Fingerprint Development, Fingerprinting for Police Clearance Certificate, Background Verification.

Image, Audio and Video Authentication

In 21st Century there has been tremendous increase in Cyber crimes. There are number of cases of doctored Images, Audio and Video. Our sole purpose is to provide solutions in such matters by means of image, audio and video authentication.
Further we can assist you in the cases of E- mail Tracing, Restoration of erased data, etc.


DNA Maternity and Paternity Tests

DNA has great importance in Forensic Science. Once linked to the culprit conviction is guaranteed.
With the help of DNA, we can determine biological father (paternity) and mother (maternity). Paternity and Maternity tests help in the cases of child swaping, disputed maternity and paternity, identification in Mass disaster etc.